Mold Testing

mold-inspection-contentThe ASAP Phoenix mold inspection team provides on-call mold testing services 7 days a week. We test for mold and give expert advice on getting mold remediated. From the time we arrive, we are surveying your home for possible mold growth. Our mold inspectors use inspection tools such as an infrared cameras and moisture meters to efficiently detect areas where mold could grow. These tools have become the scientific standard for monitoring, detecting, and controlling moisture. Moisture is needed for mold growth. We offer a FREE consultation over the phone. Mold testing fees are based on how many samples are taken, what kind of samples are taken, how fast you need results/data, if the laboratory is accredited. Our mold testing includes a comprehensive detailed report from an accredited lab.

From the time you call and speak with one of our customer service phone representatives, you will be impressed with our knowledge, attention and eagerness to provide you with a solution to your potential mold problem. Our mold Inspectors will recommend the best area to take a mold test, or multiple areas. Air and surface samples are examined under a microscope by highly trained lab technicians, who then tell you exactly what types of molds they find and the concentration of each. Your report from the laboratory will help you understand what those results mean to you.

We work with realtors as well as both homeowners and individuals looking to purchase property in Arizona. It can be extremely beneficial to either test or inspect the property for mold damage prior to any purchase of a building or property for many reasons. It can save you thousands in the long run.